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SOCEC Positions

Our Board adopted Advocacy Guidelines that serve as the foundation in determining our various positions on legislation and local initiatives. Our Advocacy Committee is quick to respond to member issues.
Calm Waters

Letter to the CA Coastal Commission urging approval for Poseidon Water's  Desalination plant  in Huntington Beach

On May 10th, SOCEC sent a letter to the Chair of the CA Coastal Commission urging them to approve the Development Permit for the Poseidon Water's Seawater Desalination plant in Huntington Beach.  This project would reduce dependence on imported water while also enhancing 

regional water supply 

diversification at at time when Orange County currently imports 50% of its water.

Gallery Shadows

Letter of Support Requesting Funding for a Cultural & Educational Facility in Mission Viejo

SOCEC has sent a letter to Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla requesting $1.8M for a cultural and educational facility in Mission Viejo.  This is part of a larger economic development project occurring in the Civic Core of the community and would provide new resource for the residents to enjoy, while exploring the history and the natural environment of Mission Viejo.

Rock Concert

Opposition to Property Fee Increases for the Use of Doheny State Park for 2022's Ohana Music Festival

SOCEC sent a letter to California's elected officials notifying them that we are strongly opposed to the proposed property fee increases associated with the use of Doheny State Park for the 2022 Ohana Music Festival.  The festival generates millions of dollars in revenue for Dana Point and Orange County and any increased fees would negatively impact those economic benefits along with other social contributions to the local community.

Walking in Nature

Support for the City of Mission Viejo’s Oso Creek Trail Improvement Project

SOCEC sent a letter of strong support to the Economic Development Administration for the Oso Creek Trail Improvement Project in the City of Mission Viejo. The project will expand and make improvements to the Oso Creak recreational trail as part of a larger project to revitalize the Village Town Square and bolster new economic opportunities in the region. 

Foggy Lake

Advocates for Clear Policy Directions for SoCal Greenprint Formulation Process

SOCEC supports a broad based group of business, industry and community organizations that call for the Regional Council to stop SCAG’s work on the Greenprint until clear and well-considered policy directions have been established. 

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Support Pupil Access to Computing Devices and Internet Service 

SOCEC supports AB 1560 (Daly) which will help effectively, sustainably, and equitably bridge the digital divide, by removing barriers to broadband adoption and bring more Californian’s online.  

Oppose SCAQMD Warehouse Indirect Source Rule

SOCEC recently joined LABizFed and the Inland Empire Economic Partnership in opposition to SAQMD Rule 2305 which imposes an illegal tax on warehouses, requiring them to reduce emissions by limiting the amount of trucks that can come to their buildings or be subject to a "mitigation fee." 

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Support IRWD Syphon Reservoir Improvement Project 

SOCEC supports s the Irvine Ranch Water District’s (IRWD) Syphon Reservoir Improvement Project. The project would greatly increase the district’s recycled water storage capacity, reducing the need to import more expensive water from outside the region, and would be a great asset to residents and the business community. 

Oppose Bill that Modifies Labor Code and current Worker's Compensation Resolution Process

SOCEC expressed concern over SB 213's effort to replace trhe current resolution process administered by the Division of Worker's Compensation with a new system that would establish presumption in the Worker's Compensation Program for hospital employees without having to demonstrate that the ailments arose out of their work.

Support restaurant tax credit

SOCEC supports AB 259 which would allow a one-year retroactive tax credit for personal income taxes and corporation taxes for 2020 providing much needed relief.

Oppose AB 650 and SB 213-Employee safety is a top priority

SOCEC opposes SB 213 (Cortese) which would establish a presumption in the workers’ compensation program for hospital employees for a broad range of illnesses and injuries.

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SOCEC Supports Small Business Awards 

SOCEC suppports SB 74 (Borgeas and Caballero) which would appropriate $2.6 billion dollars to the Office of Small Business Advocate in order to award grants to small businesses and non-profits that have experienced economic hardship resulting from COVID-19.

Los Angeles

California needs to address pandemic crisis and employer shortages

SOCEC calls on the Governor and Legislature to take immediate action to provide financial relief and
reduce the costs facing all employers in California.

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Letter of Support to the CA Public Utilities Commission for the advancement of Broadband Infrastructure 

SOCEC sent a letter to the President of the CA PUC urging her to adopt the Federal Funding Account Program Rules and remove pricing proposals to advance broadband infrastructure in Southern California.

Political Conference

Recommendations & Comments Concerning the Greenprint & Draft (RAMP) Policy Framework

SOCEC has sent a business & Labor Coalition Summary Recommendation Letter to the Southern California Association of Governments (SCAG) concerning the Greenprint & the Draft Regional Advanced Mitigation Program (RAMP) Policy Framework that was presented at the February 18, 2022 meeting of SCAG’s Regional Advance Mitigation Planning Advisory Task Group.

Working on Rooftop

Support for Cox Communication's partnership with SANDAG/SCAG RFQ to Bridge the Digital Divide

SOCEC has notified the San Diego Grants Program Manager that we support the proposed partnership between Cox Communications and SANDAG/SCAG with the goal of providing better internet access to people living in South Orange County. 

Solar Panels

Support reform of the 25-year-old Net Energy Metering Subsidy Program

SOCEC has joined a diverse coalition of organizations, businesses and renewable energy advocates that support an extensive reexamination of California’s solar rooftop Net Energy Metering program that currently jeopardizes our transition to 100% clean energy.


Oppose Corporate Tax Increases

SOCEC sent a letter to Rep. Katie Porter (CA-45th D) that urgers her and her colleagues in Congress to not raise corporate taxes to fund infrastructure.  Any raise in corporate taxes would further burden our Main Street business that are still recovering from the hardships caused by the recent COVID-19 Pandemic.  

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Oppose AB 650-Increasing Costs on Healthcare Providers

SOCEC sent letters of opposition to Assemblymembers Davies, Choi and Petrie-Norris and signed-on to a letter from the California Chamber of Commerce in opposition of AB 650. This bill seeks to impose at least an estimated $6 billion in direct payroll costs on healthcare providers, which have lost billions of dollars during the pandemic, jeopardizing access to affordable healthcare for Californians. 

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Oppose Paid Sick Day Accrual Job Killer Bill

SOCEC recently joined the California Chamber of Commerce in opposition to AB995 which would impose signficant costs on small businesses by amending the Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act to increase the number of sick days employers are required to provide. 

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Support Santa Margarita Water District's San Juan Watershed Project Application

SOCEC supported SMWD's application for funding through the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation's WaterSmart Program for Title XVI water reclamation and reuse projects for FY 2021. 

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Community Project Funding/Support for Medical Assistant Academy Program 

Called on U.S. Representative Porter to prioritize Providence's Medical Assistant Academy Program in Mission Viejo as one of her recommended projects. 

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Support AB 62-Providing tax credit for struggling businesses

SOCEC supports AB 62 (Gray) which will facilitate and assist with California’s economic recovery and provide a tax credit for struggling businesses seeking to comply with costly new COVID-19 regulations.

Support Rancho Mission Viejo's NEV transportation plan

SOCEC supports SB 214 (Bates) which would remove the January 1, 2022, sunset date and authorize the County of Orange to develop a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) transportation plan for the developing community of Rancho Mission Viejo.

Water Purifier & Glass

Having Access to Water Is A Right 

SOCEC stands with South Orange County's right to have a local water source.

Government Building Columns

Letter of Support for Funding SMWD's Ranch Water Filtration Project & Oso Barrier Water Treatment Plant Project

SOCEC has sent a letter to Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla as well as Representative Mike Levin, strongly in favor of supporting a request for funding concerning Santa Margarita Water District's Ranch Water Filtration & Oso Barrier Water Treatment Plant Projects.

Glasses of Water

Letter of Support for Funding Santa Margarita Water District's San Juan Watershed Project

SOCEC has sent a letter to the Deputy General Manager of Santa Margarita's Water District strongly in favor of funding SMWD's San Juan Watershed Project 

implementation grant application. This grant would ultimately help improve water supply reliability and create a new source of potable water in the San Juan Groundwater Basin.


Support for Tentative Orders Regarding the South OC Wastewater Authority & Doheny Desalination Project

The San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board recently released Tentative Orders #s R9-2022-0005 & R9-2022-0006 relating to the Wastewater Authority & Doheny Desalination Project for public review. SOCEC urges support for these orders due to the critical need for a reliable, local and safe drinking water supply.

Doctor Examining Patient

Oppose SB 213 – Healthcare Provider Job Killer

SOCEC signed on to a letter of opposition from the California Chamber of Commerce to members of the California State Senate voicing their disapproval of SB-213.  This bill, which has been labeled a “job killer” will impose an astronomical financial burden on employers in the healthcare industry.

Staring at a Screen

Removing Barriers to Broadband Adoption for Low Income Public Housing Residents 

SOCEC supports SB 743 (Bradford) which will effectively, sustainably, and equitably bridge the digital divide by removing barriers to broadband adoption for low-income public housing residents. 

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Support Village at Laguna Hills Revitalization

SOCEC strongly supports the revitalization efforts of the Village at Laguna Hills which could create more than 8,000 jobs in retail, entertainment, construction and other areas. The project would also generate approximately $22 million in park fees to update community parks in the city.  

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SoCal Greenprint Initiative

SOCEC signed onto a coalition of business, industry and community organizations requesting clarification to ensure that the SoCal Greenprint is appropriately crafted and that we have a viable tool that can truly support our business, development and labor partners in their efforts to strengthen the Southern California region for all of its inhabitants. 

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Advocate for Sounds Housing Policies in San Clemente

Called on the San Clemente City Council to strongly consider a policy that does not restrain housing production, increase ownership costs and further complicate attainability.

Support assuring that operators of toll roads statewide can perform the necessary operations to enforce toll policies

SOCEC supports SB 623 (Newman) because it makes it clear that toll facilities are permitted to share necessary customer information with the Department of Motor Vehicles and other agencies to pursue toll collection and enforcement.


Support proposed Huntington Beach Seawater Desalination Project

SOCEC calls on Governor Newsom to ensure the proposed Huntington Beach Seawater Desalination Project (“Project”) is approved.


Support RFFC Proposed Budget Item

SOCEC suppports the proposed budget item for the Regional Forest and Fire Capacity (RFFC) Program of the Department of Conservation in the California Resources Agency.


SOCEC Comments On DEIR For Legacy at Coto

SOCEC supports The Legacy at Coto project and requests that the project traffic study within the DEIR include the specific intersections that will be impacted within the city of Rancho Santa Margarita.