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SOCEC_political pulse survey_newsletter.


Over the past several months, the Economic Coalition asked our business community if the current political climate a has impacted their overall operations. Based on the results of the survey, over 58.4% of respondents claim the political climate has NEGATIVELY impacted their business with 80.5% believing the State of California has had the largest negative impact to businesses in South Orange County.  


These survey results further strengthen the Economic Coalition's commitment to supporting the business community by advocating for pro-business policies and working with our local stakeholders and elected officials to help improve our local business climate. 

Thank you to everyone who participated.

Please note* The top responses to questions 8,9 and 10 are the following:

8 (Federal): PPP Support, Environmental Regulations, ACA, Taxes, 

9 (State): Shutdowns, Regulations, Governor's Tier System, Taxes, 

10 (Local): COVID regulations, City Budgets, Local Lockdowns, Zoning

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