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Victoria Hernandez

Executive Director

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Victoria Hernandez_Headshot.png

Victoria Hernandez is the Executive Director of the South Orange County Economic Coalition (SOCEC). Serving the region since 1969, the Coalition has been the advocate for enhanced economic development – particularly significant infrastructure projects for the region, removal of barriers to business growth and protection of South County’s world-class quality of life. Using a proactive issues-based model, the Coalition identifies the issues and aligns Coalition activities to support those efforts.


Victoria Hernandez has been working in fundraising and event coordination for over 10 years. She has worked with numerous elected officials, city chambers, non-profit organizations, 501(c)4’s, political action committees, and more.

Victoria truly understands how to identify and engage key stakeholders on local and regional issues, and to build strategic alliances with businesses and community thought leaders. She has a track record of bringing community leaders together to accomplish monumental goals as well as identifying community members to emerge and assume leadership roles. Building strong dynamic communities is a passion of Victoria's.

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