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A Quick Note From The Toll Roads

New Sticker Toll Transponders

The Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA), which operates The Toll Roads on routes 73, 133, 241, and 261 in Orange County, is transitioning from battery-operated, hard case transponders to sticker transponders that adhere to the inside of vehicle windshields to allow for toll collection. The bandage-size stickers cost less to produce, and the TCA is eliminating the monthly account maintenance fee for account holders.

The FasTrak sticker transponders will be available for free to ExpressAccount customers starting in September. In addition, TCA is launching a frequent-driver discount program with the rollout of the new sticker transponder. Prepaid FasTrak account holders will earn a $1 discount on each toll transaction when they spend $40 or more in a month driving the 73, 133, 241, or 261 toll roads.

TCA will continue selling hard-case transponders with switches for drivers who need them to get lower carpool rates on LA Metro’s Interstate 10 and 110 ExpressLanes and on the Bay Area Express Lanes and bridges. To learn more or to sign up for FasTrak, go to

Key items of note:

The FasTrak sticker transponders will be immediately interoperable throughout the state at all toll facilities.

They are smaller, sleeker and less visible than the larger, boxier hard-case transponder.

There will no longer be a $2 per month user fee for those who have a transponder, but don’t use or rarely use the toll roads.

If you have a “switchable” transponder (a transponder with a “1-2-3” switch), you can keep it to use on the toll lanes that offer a reduced rate for multiple passengers in your car. The system will read both the sticker transponder and the hard-case transponder, but will charge the lower of the two rates.

If you choose to dispose of your hard-case transponder, please treat it just like you would used batteries and dispose of it safely. You can find out more about proper disposal at

If you have a motorcycle or a metalized windshield, you’ll want to call customer service at 949-727-4800.

No more beep! The sticker transponders are silent.

You DO have to stick the sticker transponder to your windshield. It won’t read if you have it in your glove compartment or elsewhere in your vehicle.

Once you stick it on your windshield it has to stay there. If you try to pull it off, the antenna in the sticker will break and it’ll be unusable. If you accidentally break it, contact customer service at 949-727-4800 and they can provide you a new sticker transponder.

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